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Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, Viking, Norse, Celtic, Vikings, Celts, Iron Age, Shield Ravens

Tree of the World, Pendant

As in all ancient civilizations, in Slavic mythology the world is portrayed as a sacred tree, or the Tree of life (usually oak), which with its eternally regenerating vegetation symbolizes life itself. Its top represents the sky, its roots – the realms of the underworld.

The top is the place of Gods, led by Perun the ruler of the mankind and the master of the sky, while deep in the underground, in its roots, resides Veles as a serpent or a dragon, and rules the world of our ancestors. Therefore, the tree is our link with the gods and our ancestors. 

The most respected temple of the gods that gathers strong energies that inspire, protect and heal us, and invoke consciousness and spirituality.


  • Pewter 

  • Comes with a leather cord

  • Design by Wulflund 


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