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Horn Products

Drinking Horn, Viking Drinking Horn, Viking Age, Norse, Shield Ravens

CORVUS, Crow, Drinking Horn - 0.3 L


Celtic Triangle Knot, Drinking Horn 


Drinking Horn, Viking Horn, Horn, Viking Age, Norse, Celts, Celtic, Shield Ravens

Celtic Knots, Drinking Horn, 0.3L 


Drinking Horn, Viking Horn, Horns, Viking, Norse, Celtic, Iron Age, Shield Ravens

Small Plain, Drinking Horn ,.2L


Drinking Horn, Viking Horn, Celtic, Viking Age, Iron Age, Dark Ages, Shield Ravens

Medium Plain, Drinking Horn, 0.3L


Sleipnir, Viking Horse Drinking Horn


                    Large Ale Horn Tankard 


 Horn Shot Glass 


Leather Horn Holder 


Drinking Horns, Horn Holder, Viking Age, Vikings, Iron Age, Shield Ravens

Horn and belt for display purposes only.

Celtic Knots, Leather Horn Holder


Drinking Horns, Viking Age, Vikings, Forged, Forged Drinking Horn Stand, Shield Ravens

Drinking Horn Stand


Horn Bowl, Viking Age, Offering Bowl, Viking Bowl , Shield Ravens

Horn Bowl


How to care for your Horn Products 

Do not put anything over 60oC/140oF in your horn product. Also avoid anything overly acidic as this may damage the interior food safe surface. Cleaning instructions: Wash out with cold or tepid water and do not put in dishwasher or microwave. Clean gently without use of sharp or rough scrubbing objects

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