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Care for Horn Products 

Do not put anything over 60oC/140oF in your horn product. Also avoid anything overly acidic as this may damage the interior food safe surface. Cleaning instructions: Do not soak horn products, wash out with cold or tepid water and do not put in dishwasher or microwave. Clean gently without use of sharp or rough scrubbing objects. 

Care for Hand forged Knives, Axes and Feasting Cutlery Sets

Your knife, Axe and/or Feasting Cutlery set has been made by a blacksmith specializing in re-creating historical artifacts using historically accurate methods. As such you may find rust or carbon blade. You can clean this off with oil and wire wool. Be careful if the blade is sharp. Be sure to clean and dry the knife blade thoroughly as the knife is made from carbon steel which will rust. Protect your knife from rusting by applying a coat of oil. If you plan to use your hand forged items on food, be sure to use a foods safe oil. 

Care for your Wooden Plate or Bowl 

This item is not made from food grade materials but can be treated for food safety.

•Use a food safe finish, such as walnut oil or beeswax, to make safe from eating from. Reapply as needed.

•After given a food safe finish, wash by hand.

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