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Jackob Steel Cutlery Set 


Participate in a celebratory feast within the walls of a castle, or enjoy a nice repast next to a warm, crackling campfire. 

The Jackob Steel Cutlery Set includes the basic eating utensils necessary for dining in a historical setting. This medieval flatware set features a two-prong fork, spoon, and feasting knife. Each stainless steel piece possesses a hammered and blackened wrought iron finish, excluding the belly of the knife. The upper portion of the fork and handle is twisted, while a little hole on each end of all three pieces makes it easy to tie them together.

Please note that this is a hand-forged product, so minor variations in shape and size may exist.

Key Features:

  • Includes a fork, spoon, and knife

  • Possesses a hammered wrought iron finish

  • Fitted with holes at the end for easy carry

  • Medieval Feastware for LARP and reenactment


  • Made from stainless steel

  • Measurements:

  • Length: 7.1 Inches

  • Measurements are approximate.

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