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Horn Bowl, Viking Age, Offering Bowl, Viking Bowl , Shield Ravens

Horn Bowl

Horn Bowl - $15.00

Handmade from real, natural horn, this horn bowl adds an aura of historic authenticity to any meal.  It is perfect for dining at a Renaissance event or for setting the table at your next medieval get-together.  This bowl works well as a display piece for medieval and Viking settings as it does a functional dish for dining.

Please note that, because this item is made from natural horn, yours may vary in color and size from what is shown here.

Key Features:

  • Features a unique coloration

  • Safe for food use

  • Perfectly sized for single servings

  • Great for medieval meals, reenactments, and more


  • Made from natural horn

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash only.

  • Wash with warm water and dish soap,

  • Dry immediately  after washing.

  • Do not soak over night, this is a natural product and will expand if let in warm water for any period of time. 


  • Top Diameter: 5.75" 

  • Bottom Diameter: 1.6 "

  • Thickness: 0.9"

  • Height: 2"

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