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New Feasting Wares

Everything you need for your next medieval feast


New Blades Added

Viking Axes and Knives added with new item arriving soon

Message from Shield Ravens

Welcome to Shield Ravens. Hope you all are well and safe during the present state of the world. Our thoughts and prayers are with all our customer, friends and partners at this time. We are getting back on our feet after being hit hard by the Covid and are in the middle of a complete relaunch. There will be many new products added over the next few months as new partners and craftsmen share their creations here with us. So be sure to drop by often to see what our newest arrivals are. Coming next will be new items for our blades section as well as some decorative items for your home. Later we will hopefully be adding shields for decoration and for re-enactment. We also have a number of other developments in the pipeline that we can't share with you at the moment, but we will keep you updated as soon as we can.

Stay safe my friends and may the Gods watch over you.

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